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When you are ready for change, it is actually quite simple to create a happier future.

It all starts by YOU answering one single question:

What do you want


Online Sessions are now available

The PSYCH-K® approach

PSYCH-K® is a simple, yet extremely effective Mindset Coaching method that supports you in finally going after your dreams, gaining clarity about your true desires and finding greater meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life.

In your sessions we will first identify your goals as well as current or potential roadblocks. Then I will guide you through the PSYCH-K® change process to remove your underlying sabotaging thought patterns (your limiting beliefs) and replace them with life-enhancing statements chosen by YOU (your goals), so you can successfully move into the positive life changes your soul desires.

By aligning your subconscious beliefs with your conscious goals, you'll now be able to write the next chapters of your life's story the way YOU want it to play out. Just watch what happens and be amazed.

PSYCH-K® has a proven track record of over 30 years and is applied by tens of thousands of people all over the world.

I can help you to transform the following areas:



Increase your self-confidence and willingness to take positive and decisive action in your life.



Discover beliefs that can help you to deeply appreciate and accept yourself.



Create beliefs that support you in having healthy, loving relationships. 



Reduce “emotional stress” and reprogram your body/mind for optimal health and vitality. 



Resolve painful memories and find greater peace and happiness through forgiveness and letting go pain and trauma from the past.



Replace old attitudes about money and replace self-limiting beliefs regarding Prosperity.



Release subconscious resistance to experiencing your connection with Divinity.

"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it."
― Charles Swindoll 

How the process works:

To change your undesired subconscious programs, we will be using a unique combination of resources that include Muscle Testing as a biofeedback tool (Applied Kinesiology), Whole-Brain Integration, and Goal Clarification for the Subconscious Mind, among others. This approach enables you to communicate directly with your higher self in order to safely and effectively change subconscious beliefs.


The change process is called a 'Balance', because it creates a balanced integration between the left and right brain hemispheres and results in what PSYCH-K® refers to as the 'Whole Brain State'.

An average first session will typically be 90-120 minutes long. Follow-up sessions are usually one hour long. Depending on your specific goal or goals, it may be possible to work on more than one issue in the same session. Longer session times are available upon request. 

PSYCH-K® sessions can be facilitated in person at my office in Kirkland, WA or online or by phone. All of the sessions have the same effectiveness. The only difference is that for the online and phone sessions I use a process called Surrogation which allows me to do the muscle testing on your behalf.

Session outline:

  • Clarification: We begin the session by checking in. What’s going on in your life? Where do you feel challenged or stuck? What would you like to work on? Typically, the right place to begin is with what is in the forefront of your mind.

  • Development of Goal Statement(s): This is where you clarify how you actually would like things to be (instead of how you are actually feeling or experiencing things right now). 

  • PSYCH-K® Balance:  I will guide you through a simple yet powerful change process that transforms your self-limiting beliefs into life-enhancing beliefs (your goal statements). 

  • Action Steps: Your new beliefs have the power to change your life but they alone won’t get you where you want to go. Therefore, we'll identify two easy and fun activities that support your goal in order to help you get on the right trajectory.

Meet Simone

Hello, my name is Simone Holderbach and I found my passion in making people feel great and in having a positive impact on their lives. ​

I maintain a busy manual therapy practice on the Seattle Eastside where I focus on neurology-based modalities to help clients get out of pain and stay out of pain. Working with these wonderful individuals made me realize how crucial the mind-body connection is and how it can be either a major blessing or a huge hindrance whether someone believes they can or cannot heal.

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A colleague of mine introduced me to PSYCH-K®, a simple yet extremely effective method to change self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs and replace them with life-enhancing goal statements that are turned into new beliefs. I fell in love with the simplicity, immediacy and depth of the results PSYCH-K® provides, often within minutes.


In my experience, the investment in taking care of our physical body is often driven by an acute need - something really hurts right now or has become so restrictive over time that we can no longer wait to get it taken care of. The same rules apply for our mind-body. However, this layer often represents issues that have been going on for such a long time that we sometimes forget they are even there. Or we don't even think of them as issues that could be taken care of. They feel like they are just part of our personality. That couldn't be further from the truth!

If you are curious and would like to explore what PSYCH-K® might have to offer you, please reach out and contact me anytime. I'd be happy to answer any question you have. 


I look forward to assisting YOU one day!​

Simone Holderbach

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If you would like more information about Mindset Coaching or are interested in a brief FREE phone consultation, please send me a message and I will get back to you shortly. 

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