For the first time, Advanced P-DTR is now available in Washington State!

I am so proud and thrilled to share that I've just completed the entire P-DTR training series (Foundations, Intermediate and Advanced) and passed my final written exam yesterday. On top of correcting movement restrictions and pain patterns I can now address nerve entrapment, cranial nerve dysfunctions, and problems resulting from metabolic or lymphatic issues. Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) is THE most cutting edge manual therapy technique currently available. It addresses SO MANY dysfunctions of the human body via correcting reflexes within the nervous system. Simply put, functionality or dysfunctionality of our body is determined by 3 things: input, processing, output. Our b

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Read about my latest thoughts on movement, health, and being well. And let me know what you think about it. 

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