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What my clients are Saying

"I finally feel calm, safe and more relaxed. Life suddenly feels happier!

In a nutshell, those are the biggest changes I’ve noticed in the days following my mindset coaching session with Simone. I’ve been working on these issues for many decades, but neither traditional talk therapy, nor self-help books, nor hypnotherapy were able to get me to where I am now - after only one Clarity Session with Simone!

I’m still in awe every day about how the heaviness and the shadows have suddenly lifted. Instead, there is this new feeling of lightness and support. It’s only been 10 days since my session and I sometimes still cannot believe how simple it was to bring about such deeply felt, lasting change. It was actually easy for me to come up with my own positive goal statements during the coaching session (even though I always thought I wasn’t good at such things). By going through the PSYCH-K change processes the new goal statements then replaced my old negative beliefs. Yesterday, in a family health emergency I also noticed the positive change: I was able to stay calm, confident and optimistic throughout: amazing, wonderful, great!!!"

Verena F.

"I’ve spent years trying to consciously work through the limiting beliefs that have kept me stuck in my life. In the days that followed my first PSYCH-K® session with Simone, I was surprised that my habits around avoiding certain situations or worrying about my health didn’t match up with the new beliefs I had. I just didn’t have those beliefs anymore! 
For example, one thing that's happened is that I can now effortlessly talk to people, anywhere. And I do! In line at the store, random people... Instead of hoping that no one talks to me or being apprehensive about lulls in conversations with strangers, I don't feel anything. I just talk if I feel like it. And respond without hesitation. It's pretty cool!
Simone's process literally reprogrammed my thoughts and beliefs on a subconscious level!"
Jenn M.
"No one else had been able to help reduce my pain levels. Then I met Simone. She has an endless curiosity and determined approach to untangling the puzzle that is your body."
"This is life-changing bodywork and Simone is a life-changing practitioner."
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